Scottish Totem Poles 2006

Click here for info about Scottish Totem Poles in previous years

The National Museum of Scotland supports Scottish Totem Poles, and there is more about Totem poles on their website- Click here!

Click here for an article by Steve McGrail about Kenny Grieve and Scottish Totem Poles which appeared in The Scots Magazine in November 2005

Poleraising at Prestonpans 18th August 4pm at Gothenburg beach car park

Come along and witness the final stages of this project.

Images of Prestonpans Carving

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Carving of Seaton Community Totem Pole commences 20th August, carving 10am to 6pm daily Poleraising on 27th August

TIMETABLE  (all at Seaton Community Project, seaton Place East unless otherwise stated)



Sunday 20 August



Opening ceremony







Monday 21 August

(last day of school hols)



Carving 10am

Last day of school hols under 12s workshops (10am - 1pm)



   Till 6pm





Tuesday 22 August

Scottish breakfast at café on the beach front

Run out to Burn O’ Vat

Meet at project at 9am



Carving 3pm

(plus after school activities for under 12s)



 Til 9pm



Wednesday 23 August




Carving 10am


Till 6pm

(to include a visit to older peoples

group – guided drawing?)

(plus after school activities for under 12s)


Concert on at Lemon Tree

Bert Jansch



Thursday 24 August





Carving 1pm

(to include school visits)

(plus after school activities for under 12s)



Til 9pm



Friday 25 August



Carving 10am

(to include school visits)



Til 6pm

(to include school visits)

(plus after school activities for under 12s)




Saturday 26 August



Carving 10am



Til 5pm



Ceildih at East End social club

Golf rd (7:30 – 11:30pm)



Sunday 27 August



Digging of hole


Gala day and pole erection





The arts development team will run workshops along side the carving to involve children and those not carving in the project.

We will also arrange a programme for Seaton School so that each class can come and meet the guys and find out more about what’s going on.


Felling and delivery of the Poles
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versions in a new window.

There will be workshops at schools Marischal Museum on 2, 3 and 4th September in connection with this pole

Huntly Pole Preparations

There will bw workshops in Huntly on 29th, 30th, 31st August and 1st September
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