The Original Carvers

Aaron Nelson Moody
(Tawx'sin Yexwulla)

Drew Atkins

Xwa Lack Tun

Kenny Grieve

From Squamish First Nation
Vancouver, B.C.

From Kwantlan First Nation
Fort Langley, B.C.

From Squamish First Nation
Vancouver, B.C.

From Aberdeen, Scotland

Aaron works with North Vancouver School District at Eslha7an Learning Centre, teaching Cultural History: singing, carving, drum-making, etc.
His work focusses on the rediscovery of traditional native culture, working with both Native and non-Native people.

"I started working with wood about 10 years ago as part of a healing journey recovering from addiction. Wood taught me a great deal about myself - patience, discipline, persistence, forgiving and a sense of accomplishment - principles which guide my life. Through wood working I find inner peace."

Xwa works in two First Nation styles, the Northern Kwaguilth Coast Salish and West Coast Squamish, and in many media, including wood, metal and glass, and also through the medium of Guided Drawing sessions, with people. Whatever the medium, his focus is on the healing qualities of the traditions.

Kenny is well known around Scotland for his demonstrations of woodland crafts. It is as a result of his visits to Western Canada, and his enthusiasm for what he found there in the First Nation traditions of carving wood, that this project has happened.

He has recently run carving projects at the school, carving two 3 metre women's canoes, a 3 metre totem pole and a 2.5m by 1.5m relief carving for Yokohama, Japan.

Drew has recently finished building his own home, incorporating First Nations carving styles and traditions. He works in the Langley School District, counselling and supporting First Nation students.

24 of his carvings can be seen in the Langley School District, he has made a pair of carved doors for B.C. Hydro's boardroom, and recently completed 6 carved house posts in Whistler.

For more information about Kenny Grieve's work please see the Brotus part of this website.

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Jada Schembri

From Langley B.C.
Primary teacher in Langley, studying carving with Xwa Lack Tun and learning about native culture through carving, song and dance. Has worked with XLT on a 30 foot dug-out canoe, and a talking stick for her students.

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