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Woodland and rural traditions brought to life...
by Brotus Rural Crafts

  Brotus Rural Crafts is run by Kenny Grieve, and based in restored 19th century farm buildings at Brotus in Fife, Scotland. It was established in 1988 to further traditional woodland crafts and has since evolved to include a wide range of related activities, centred on the use of wood
Contact: 01337 830882
Kenny Grieve Newhall, Burnturk, Cupar, Fife KY15 7TR.

Scottish Totem Poles

Brotus has promoted, organised and participated in the visit of Canadian First Nations carvers to Scotland in 2002 to help carve totem poles in various communities. Plans are being made for more poles in 2003 and beyond. A major grant was awarded recently by the Scottish Arts Council to Brotus to work with the National Museums of Scotland on this project.

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Story Poles

Story Poles carved in schools, The children's designs, based on their stories, are carved on to a pole, and then painted by them.


Developing the use of hedges as natural security, working with Scottish Natural Heritage and Scottish Police Service

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In partnership with Forest Education Initiative, Forest Enterprise and R.E.A.P. to bring woodworking skills to schools, community groups and interested folk.

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Musical Instruments

Making music fom the trees: teaching folk practical skills to make simple musical instruments. Chimes


Making use of wood to create both decorative and functional sculptures.

Courses & Activities

Run in partnership with a variety of organisations. They range from simple short activities for groups and individuals, to week-long projects involving whole schools.


Combining education and entertainment to bring old rural skills alive at fairs and shows.


Using wood to make a variety of small buildings including turf-roofed huts, yurts and historical reconstructions.

Historical Re-enactments

Looking at crafts down through the ages showing how everyday objects were made and used.

Coppice Crafts            

Looking at the skills and products from small diameter timber in bygone days and exploring the uses for this material in today's world.